Time for the yearly Örebro Chocolate, Liquorice and Delicacy Festival

Just remember 23-25 february 2018, or put it in your calendar!

This is the first time of this festival. Everything is starting to take shape and this year the fair will be the largest confectionary and delicacy fair in all Nordic countries. This year we are moving in to one of Örebro’s biggest exhibition hall Conventum Arena. This building is located in the heart of Örebro, with close proximity to everything. easy access with public transportation.

The building has 4 000 square meters of wonderful space and room for more than 70 exhibitors with products of chocolates, liquorice and delicacy´s from Sweden and the rest of the world. The biggest new addition this year is our department for alcoholic beverages, to visit this section, you must be over 18 years old and prov it with a ID. This year the trend spot is Champagne in all forms. But you can also enjoy other exhibitors in other beverages such as Vine, in all colors, Whisky, Rom, Vodka and all kind of Ave´c from A-Z.

This year the festival will host twice as many exhibitors as before. From these exhibitors you can sample, purchase and ask all about their products and find just what your taste buds like from the chocolate, licorice and delicacies. This year’s big new department is exhibitors with products for baking and desserts and ice cream, welcome to paradise. This year’s festival will be held from 23-25 february 2018 with brand new opening hours to be found below.

The festival’s opening hours

Friday on 23 february the festival opens at 1 pm and closes at 9 pm
Saturday on 24 february the festival opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm.
Sunday on 25 february the festival opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm.

Ticket prices

Buy your tickets direct at the box office at the festival.

  • The entrance tickets cost from 150 kronor (SEK) per ticket.
  • If you need child tickets those cost from 70-100 kronor (SEK) per ticket.
  • If you buy your ticket in advance, you will get uppto 120 kronor (SEK) discount per ticket. You can only buy thees ticket through the festivals webbshop. Press the button below to go direct to the festivals webbshop.